Singing is not their strongest asset, performing not their cup of tea and photogenic? Let's not even go there. And no matter how they try to have a consistent style, it's all in vain. No, Vintage Futura is not the Next Great Hype from The Netherlands.

Still it is a duo to keep an eye on. Michiel Papenhove (ex-Within Temptation) and Karianne Hylkema do have something that compensates for everything else: rock solid pop songs. Be it with heavy guitars, electronic loops or just dripping with acoustic atmosphere. Either way: good luck getting the song out of your head.

Their collaboration was born from an accidental co-write in 2012 when Karianne saved a discarded guitar riff from Michiel's digital garbage can. After writing lyrics and a vocal line to it, both were positively surprised with the composition. This sparked a curiosity to team up and create more music together.

In the meantime fifteen tracks have been written, each with a distinct character. The guitar-heavy We are wireless, potential summer hit Can you teach me how to smile? and the acoustic western soundtrack As far as freedom goes may seem to drift too far apart, but their unique approach can be felt as quite refreshing.

In January 2017 Vintage Futura released an EP - The Formula - and continues to experiment with genres. Performing? Nah, not really. But they sure are not lacking in ambition, because Michiel and Karianne dream of writing for other artists one day. You know, the kind of people with a stunning voice and stage presence.